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Fast Radius and Axial3D announce anatomical model 3D printing partnership


Digital manufacturing service provider Fast Radius has partnered with Axial3D to provide a model-to-print service to North American hospitals. The new service combines Fast Radius’ 3D printing capacity with Axial3D’s Digital Imagine and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) segmentation software. It aims to give clinicians across the United States, Canada and Mexico to harness high-quality surgical plans developed by the capabilities of 3D imagine and 3D printing at quick speeds.


After conducting scans of the patient, the data will be harnessed to produce a 3D image which will then be pushed through a 3D printing system to deliver. A patient-specific anatomical model within 48 hours. These printed models will allow doctors to hold in their hands an exact replica of a patient’s organ, for example, giving them greater insights into the patient’s anatomical detail. The pair believe the increased quality and speeds of the models and their delivery will be […]

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