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Freedom of design for 3D printing

Freedom of design for 3D printing

Written by David

September 26, 2020


A new technology will make 3D printing of various materials faster and more precise. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has selected the “MatrixPrint” project for funding in its “NanoMat Futur” competition for young researchers.


Dr. Dorothea Helmer from the Department of Microsystems Engineering at the University of Freiburg will thus receive 1.9 million euros to develop so-called pseudoplastic matrices for 3-D printing of glass, metal and polymers.


“Previous methods of 3-D printing require support structures in order to be able to produce complex structures with high precision,” explains Helmer. “This costs a lot of time and additional material and drastically limits the freedom of design.” In addition, it is difficult for scientists to create thin channel structures, which are necessary, for example, for the production of artificial […]

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