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FUTURE PROOF: Building homes with 3D printing

FUTURE PROOF: Building homes with 3D printing

Written by David

September 28, 2020


THERE are so many different things you can do with 3D printing. You can even build homes with it. In recent years, several start-ups have emerged to do just that. But out of all of them,


Mighty Buildings from Oakland, California, is taking this endeavour to a whole new level. Mighty Buildings builds homes using a massive six-metre tall, 3D printer. This device prints at speeds of 120 mm per second and can print a 350-square-foot studio within 24 hours. The material used is something called Light Stone, a thermoset composite material which hardens almost immediately when exposed to ultraviolet light. It can support its own weight, making it possible to print horizontally in the air. Compact and cosy (San Ramon). The company describes Light Stone as being “similar to Corian by Dupont”, an acrylic polymer used in the production […]

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