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Greek Man Building 3D Printed House in Germany

Greek Man Building 3D Printed House in Germany

Written by David

October 14, 2020


Giorgos Staikos, who grew up in a family of builders and woodworkers in the area around the Greek city of Drama, plans to build an entirely 3D-printed home in the German city of Beckum.


If successful, the 38-year-old claims it would be the first inhabitable 3D-printed structure with two stories anywhere in Europe. Living in Germany since his teenage years, Staikos works for his family’s construction business, which has been in operation for 27 years.


Always creative and curious, Staikos dreamed of utilizing the amazing boon of 3D-printing technology to create a two-story home. After the former mayor of his town gave his approval two years ago, Staikos has been designing and planning for his groundbreaking idea. In less than one year, he was given official permits for the project, and he began to test materials and work with specialists on […]

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