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How Model No. is Disrupting the Furniture Industry with 3D Printing and Products Made from Food Waste

Written by David

December 9, 2020


Five years ago, retail innovator Phillip Raub disrupted the industry when he co-founded b8ta , a retail-as-a-service company with experiential, data-driven showrooms designed for trying and buying new tech products.


Now he has his sights set on flipping the furniture industry on its head as CEO of Model No. , an on-demand custom furnishings company driven by consumer needs and led by a devotion to technology, design and environmental responsibility. Model No. was created to solve the furniture industry’s key pain points: mass production with little original design or customization ability, long delivery wait times and unsustainable manufacturing. The startup offers a digital showroom that allows consumers to fully customize items to fit their needs, from shape and color to size and budget, with the expectation of delivery within a few weeks. Additionally, through the adoption of 3D printing technology using agricultural waste from corn husks, sugar cane and […]

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