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How Space Foundry’s plasma-based process will disrupt 3D printed electronics


The electronics 3D printing market is still fairly niche, with only a handful of players offering a commercial solution ( Nano Dimension and Optomec come to mind). This does not mean that exciting things are not happening in the wings, with various research groups and startups exploring different approaches to additively manufacturing electronics and new applications.


On the precipice of commercialization is Silicon Valley startup Space Foundry, which has pioneered a plasma-based process for 3D printed electronics. Space Foundry was founded by Dr. Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, a former contractor at the NASA Ames Research Center, and Dr. Dennis Nordlund from Stanford University. The pair met at NASA, where Dr. Gandhiraman was the principle investigator of the plasma processing lab and both were researching atmospheric pressure plasma.


When the research team discovered a breakthrough that could lead to printed electronics, Dr. Gandhiraman and Dr. Nordlund left NASA and founded Space […]

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