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How This Bangalore-Based Startup Is Helping Professionals to Optimise The Design Process


Innovative hardware and IoT startups are gaining more attention and becoming mainstream in India as many ventures are actively looking to develop and assemble their products from scratch. Along with this, 3D printing has gained popularity globally because of the diverse applications it offers.


The technique is also gaining prevalence in India as large organisations are leveraging it for research and development and making end-user applications. With a similar vision, Bangalore-based HyCube Works started their innovative approach towards product development using cutting-edge technology.


For this week’s feature, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Reethan Doijode to gain more insights on the 3D technology and how HyCube Works delivers these products for utilisation. Founded in 2018 by Reethan Doijode and Shreyas SP , HyCube Works is […]

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