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How to Choose the Right 3D Printing Material


Learning to successfully execute a 3D printing project opens doors to new efficiencies, repeatability and innovation – but it’s not as simple as hitting start and hoping for a clean print. When you’re ready to start a new 3D printing project, you have to address one core dilemma – what will you actually print the project with?


Material selection is key, and there are a number of variables that determine the material you choose. Since some printing materials can print more than one type of object, these decisions can get tricky. Fortunately, there are specific questions you can ask to narrow down the field and help you pick the right material for every unique project.


Does Your Project Have Mechanical Properties?


This is the first and most important question to ask when determining which material to use for your 3D printing project. Mechanical properties help a product respond to physical forces exerted upon it, and the finished result may need to hold up to differing amounts of those forces. For example, does your finished product or part need to be flexible, so it can bend when used? Does it need to be durable and strong, so it can withstand […]

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