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HP (HPQ) Comes to Coronavirus Rescue With 3D Printed Gears

HP (HPQ) Comes to Coronavirus Rescue With 3D Printed Gears

Written by David

March 26, 2020


HP Inc. HPQ is focusing on enhancing its 3D printing business capabilities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, which has gripped the world currently. Recently, the company announced that it is building 3D printed hands-free door openers, mask adjusters and face shields, and has already supplied more than 1,000 of these to hospitals.


The products are being manufactured at its 3D research and development centers in San Diego, CA; Corvallis, OR; Vancouver, WA; and Barcelona, Spain. HP Inc. Price and Consensus 3D Printing Approach to Battle Risks As the pandemic continues to spread, the rising number of patients calls for better infrastructure and safety for the comparatively lesser number of healthcare workers. Hospitals are grappling with the rapid spread of the virus and shortage of protective gears for its staff. Amid such an environment, apart from charitable donations, healthcare providers are turning to 3D printers to produce gadgets […]

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