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Inside the self-sufficient 3D printed smarthome of the future


In the last few years, stylish cabins and cleverly-designed prefabricated houses have really emerged as viable alternatives to traditional housing.


Now, one company has unveiled a truly ground-breaking creation; a 3D-printed house with artificial intelligence that can pop up anywhere.


Called Haus, the prefabs underwent a long design process, but have started shipping to customers this month. Earthquake proof and move-in ready, Haus homes have been made with sustainability and self-sufficiency in mind, and have solar panels on the roof that can generate enough energy in winter to warm the property.


“We are reinventing the house with the purpose to design and build homes that fit the future. This modern house combines autonomous and off-the-grid capabilities, fast and solidly built technology using 3D-printing, and the ability to make its own decisions with AI Smart Home system,” a […]

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