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Interview: 3D Systems CEO says we’ll see an explosion of parts designed for additive manufacturing


3D Systems CEO Jeff Graves talks to TCT Head of Content Laura Griffiths about materials science, the company’s new application-focused strategy, eliminating distractions, and how digital will play a key role in the transformation of manufacturing.


TCT: What was it that appealed to you about the company and the additive manufacturing industry as a whole? JG: Well, it’s certainly a very exciting industry that I’ve followed for a long time. My attraction to the company was actually multi fold. One of them is I was educated in material science. That’s where I got all my all of my degrees and it dominated the first half of my career really developing new metal systems like titanium alloys and the processing of those materials. So, I’ve got a deep foundation in materials science, which I dearly love. I rose up through the ranks in engineering companies like General Electric, where I expanded responsibilities and operations and then finally running businesses. This is my fourth company as CEO. My desire has always been to lead not only an engineering rich company, and one that drives value from that, but one that was heavily involved in materials science. And you really can’t get […]

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