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Interview: How Briggs Automotive Company re-engineered a supercar with generative design and 3D printing


Parked next to Liverpool’s rain-soaked docks under a moody grey sky and the watchful eye of the Liver Birds, the BAC Mono looks like it could have been driven straight out of a Gotham City panel – not a Speke industrial park just shy of 10 miles up the road.


Just like that unconventional, distinctively Northern England backdrop, which blends effortlessly with the Mono’s black and silver aesthetic, this single seater supercar is uninterested in the mundane functionality of your typical set of four wheels. No, this vehicle, as Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Co-founder and Director of Product Development Ian Briggs recently told TCT, was designed purely for the sport of driving. “We don’t have to think about any other function for this product other than, a guy’s going to get in it and he just wants to drive, he doesn’t necessarily even want to go anywhere,” Briggs says […]

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