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Interview: XYZprinting on doing everything in 3D printing … but doing it right


In the days of peak 3D printing consumer hype, back when the technology was a key portion of the Consumer Electronics Show line-up, there was one company for whom it wasn’t uncommon to use the Las Vegas event as a launch pad for a bunch of new hardware – we’re talking eight new 3D printers in one go. These days, it continues to participate in the gadget magnet and release new products regularly.


That may sound like a classic case of a jack of all trades, master at none, but a recent conversation with XYZprinting at TCT Show illuminated how the Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer has a crystal clear vision around how and where it invests its R&D.


“If we release something, there needs to be a reason behind it,” Fernando Hernandez, EMEA MD of XYZprinting told TCT. Hernandez’s philosophy is, if you can’t improve on what’s already out there whether that’s in capability or price, why worry about it?


“We want to give the impression that we do everything but we do everything right” Hernandez said. “When we release a new technology or a new product, it’s not just to have something in SLS or something into binder jet, etc. We study the market, we see what we can do, we see if we can do better. And if we can do better, if we can improve, then we go ahead and we launch a product.”

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