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Investing In The End-To-End Value That 3D Printing Creates, Not In The Technology Itself


The 3D printing industry offers great investment potential. At the same time investing in 3D carries the same risks as investing in other industries that focus on technology creation first and value creation as a secondary thought.


The rise of 3D printing can be compared to the dot-com boom, an era in which using the word ‘internet’ in a business plan resulted in easy money. Many new technologies are launched with the same ‘boom’ of investment opportunities on the table long before the lasting value, earning model and end applications are defined, from virtual reality to blockchain.


A particular condition can create a similar boom; we expect to see countless companies entering the market with COVID-19-relevant product offerings in the months and years to come. In my opinion, as with all ‘boom’ products, only those that carve out their own niche and create long lasting value in the space […]

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