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Is Subscription-Based 3D Printing For You?


There are several ways to obtain 3D printing technology, and one of them is by subscription. But is it for you?


In the old days the financial choice for acquiring equipment was pretty straightforward: you buy, or you lease. Buying requires that you have all the cash ready to go at time of purchase, and this is the approach most frequently done for lower-cost devices. That’s because almost every company or individual has that level of cash on hand. For hobbyist-level 3D printers, this is the exclusive method of acquisition. Leasing is a bit more complex, as you pay a fixed amount per month for a specific term. At the end of the lease the equipment is returned, or sometimes bought outright by the lessor at a lower price. Leasing is done for a couple of reasons. One is that departmental budgets in […]

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