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Lars Jaeger: «The Future is Veggie, With 3D Printing»

Lars Jaeger: «The Future is Veggie, With 3D Printing»

Written by David

October 13, 2020


The energy market as well as political have changed strongly in recent years. In many countries around the world, the cards on the energy mix are being reshuffled. Lars Jaeger writes in an essay for finews.first . This article is published on finews.first, a forum for authors specialized in economic and financial topics.


The latest example is China, where President Xi Jinping announced a few days ago that his country aims to be CO2-neutral by 2060. Political decision-makers seem to have finally started on their mission to stop climate change. But is enough when politicians pay lip service? What about our individual responsibilities for greenhouse gas emissions? What have we personally done to curb those? Many residents of industrialized countries still drive around in large cars as a matter of course, eat large quantities of meat, eat avocados from Thailand and wear T-shirts from Bangladesh. Even the corona crisis […]

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