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Life in Space: Algae-Based 3D Printing Ink to Create Habitats & Other Basics


Master’s student Anastasia Prosina recently submitted ‘ Algae-Based Printer Ink As the Way to Foster In-Situ Resource Utilization in Habitation Structures ’ to Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, offering a proposal for building long-term habitats in space, on the Moon or on Mars.


Numerous concepts have been developed for extended life in space, from autonomous construction to the use of realistic materials to a range of challenges requesting innovative ideas. Prosina’s research project focuses on using regolith—often mentioned for use in building 3D printed habitats—but more uniquely, with the addition of algae.


The key to any space habitat is that it must be able to stand up to a brutal climate. Prosina seeks to create materials that will not require ‘intensive mining and sifting.’ Algae can be grown in a lab, eliminating the need for materials mined from a site like Mars, for instance. It can also […]

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