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Lithoz launches remote tracking and monitoring tools for ceramic 3D printers


Lithoz has announced the release of CeraVision, a computer vision tool, and CeraDoc, a new software module, that have been designed to enable remote tracking and monitoring of the company’s ceramic 3D printing technology.


These developments have been made to supplement Lithoz’ ceramic 3D printing hardware offering, which includes the CeraFab S25, S65 and S230 platforms, as well as the CeraFab 7500 and 7500 Dental systems.


CeraVision, Lithoz believes, gives users a new way to interact with their printers, while also enabling the detection and automatic correction of errors during the print. With these monitoring and correction capabilities, Lithoz is confident it will be able to output parts of greater quality and enhance the usability of its machines. The CeraDoc software, meanwhile, will allow users to fully document production data for ‘thorough’ traceability and, Lithoz believes, brings its 3D printing hardware in line with industry 4.0 processes. Lithoz is […]

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