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Look at what micro 3D printing can make


Micro 3D printing technology innovator Nanofabrica released information recently about produced parts that illustrate the precision and tolerances achievable through the use of its Tera 250 AM system.


Existing at the interface of 3D printing for production and the industry-wide drive towards miniaturization, Nanofabrica’s industrial micro 3D printing technology helps designers and manufacturers exploit the technology to build complex parts in small, medium, and high volumes. The technology is based around a Digital Light Processor (DLP) engine, but to achieve repeatable micron levels of resolution it combines DLP with the use of adaptive optics.


This tool in conjunction with an array of sensors, allows for a closed feedback loop, which contributes to the system’s accuracy. In addition, through rigorous R&D, Nanofabrica has managed to develop its own proprietary materials (based on the most commonly used industry polymers), which enable high resolution in parts built. Impeller The first part is […]

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