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Luxury Flat-Pack Hotel Rooms

Luxury Flat-Pack Hotel Rooms

Written by David

September 17, 2020


Luxury concepts are usually associated with lavishness and grandeur—characteristics often not associated with practicality or mobility necessarily. A new hotel brand, Habitas, is actually looking to change this.


The hospitality business presents an interesting luxury concept that employs 3D-printing software and flat-pack functionality to battle ecological issues. Through it, Habitas is hoping to lower its carbon footprint. Backed by influential entrepreneurs like Travis Kalanick, the co-founder of Uber; Tim Steiner, chief executive of online supermarket Ocado; and Justin Mateen, the co-founder of dating app Tinder. The luxury concept is expanded into Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Costa Rica.


The luxury concept originated as a camp at the Burning Man festival. Habitas holds that its sustainable building practices have allowed it to “activate some of the most unique locations in the world while protecting mother nature.” Image Credit: Habitas

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