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MARSHA: 3D-Printed Habitat for Mars Wins NASA Challenge


If humans really do colonize Mars, what will their houses look like? The entries to NASA’s long-running 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge give us plenty of ideas to work with, including the ultimate winner, MARSHA by AI SpaceFactory.


The MARSHA habitat considers things like the unique atmospheric conditions in Mars and the needs of potential human residents in an alien environment located 54.6 million kilometers from Earth, where there isn’t exactly easy access to common construction materials. As AI SpaceFactory notes, buildings on Mars would also be machines residents would depend on to stay alive, and they’d have to support social and mental health, to boot.


These 3D-printed structures are made in-situ using Mars rock. Space agencies and companies plan to send machines in advance of human crews to harvest and process the raw materials. MARSHA’s creators formulated a mixture of basalt fiber extracted from Martian rock and […]

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