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Metal 3D printing vendor spins out of Lithoz ahead of Formnext


Incus GmbH Incus GmbH will debut its metal photopolymerisation 3D printing process at Formnext after spinning out from the research and development department of ceramic additive manufacturing vendor Lithoz .


The company will co-exhibit with Lithoz next month as it introduces its Hammer series of machines. These platforms promise excellent surface quality, cost-efficiency, reproducibility, an increased manufacturing speed and access to a wide range of materials.


Incus’ metal 3D printing process has been developed from Lithoz’ ceramic printing technology, with two beta Hammer machines having been in use for the last 12 months. The technology fabricates green parts from a metal-filled feedstock using a high-performance projector with a debinding and sintering process yielding the final component. The Hammer printers will form part of a modular package that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of customers. Within this package will be proprietary software, material/ feedstock, a variety of […]

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