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More Signs Healthcare Can Drive 3D Printing Opportunities


Somewhat quietly, the 3D Printing ETF (CBOE: PRNT) is higher by 13.35% over the past month, but the lone 3D printing ETF’s recent surge isn’t a flash in the pan. PRNT debuted nearly three years ago as the first US-listed ETF dedicated to the 3D printing theme . The fund is one of two passively managed products from New York-based Ark Investment Management.


ARK believes 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing by collapsing the time between design and production, reducing costs, and enabling greater design complexity, accuracy, and customization than traditional manufacturing.


The healthcare market continues looming as a major driver of long-term 3D printing growth, which could be a boon for PRNT. “Factors such as growing focus on the advancement of medical products coupled with the rising importance of 3D printing in the healthcare industry are anticipated to contribute significantly towards the growth of the global 3D printing medical […]

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