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New 3D-Printed Home Looks Like Lars Homestead from STAR WARS

New 3D-Printed Home Looks Like Lars Homestead from STAR WARS

Written by David

April 29, 2021


Bologna- and Milan-based architectural firm, Mario Cucinella Architects (or MC A ), and the Italian 3D-printing company, WASP , have built a beautiful prototype house out of machine-printed clay. The house, the builders say, is unique in that it could help to mitigate the ecological impacts of construction, as well as provide more affordable housing. It also, incidentally, looks a lot like the Lars homestead from Star Wars .


Although above ground. Mario Cucinella Architects It’s Nice That reported on MC A and WASP’s prototype, which the latter company constructed in Massa Lombarda; a rural municipality in Italy’s Ravenna province. And while the serene region of Italy is far more bucolic than the Great Chott salt flats of Tatooine , the home itself would easily fit in on the fictional desert planet. WASP founder, Massimo Moretti, along with Bologna’s School of Sustainability ( SOS ), came up with the idea for the unique domicile. Its name, TECLA, is a portmanteau of the words “technology” and “clay,” as well as a reference to a fictional locale in the Italian novel, Invisible Cities . (The book explores what’s possible with imagination by envisioning 55 fictitious cities .) Mario Cucinella Architects The […]

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