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Old Myths Meet New Technologies in 3D Printed Concrete Sculpture by Innsbruck University

old myths meet new technologies in 3D printed concrete sculpture by innsbruck university

Written by David

July 27, 2020


The Institute of Architecture Theory from Innsbruck university, in partnership with company Concr3ede, have introduced ‘Hypnerotomachia Naturae’, a sculpture installation made of 3D printed concrete.


The project has been presented as a part of the exhibition ‘schönheit vor weisheit. das wissen der kunst und die kunst der wissenschaft’ (‘beauty before wisdom. the knowledge of art and the art of science’) at the Landes Museum in Innsbruck, Austria.


The innovative sculpture has been designed by stefan maier and giacomo pala, under the supervision of bart lootsma from the institute of architecture theory from innsbruck university . it is an allegorical composition created to accommodate a research cluster on the topic of nature and architecture. the material, realized by concr3de’s innovative 3D printing system is realized thanks to the possibility of creating highly performative cementitious material systems. ‘hypnerotomachia naturae’ consists of a stacking of 3d […]

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