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Out of This World Tech: The Exciting Role of 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry


If you have learned anything over the past couple of weeks, it is that 3D printing is disrupting just about every industry across the globe.


3D printing has gone on to change the way we design and produce clothing. It is changing how cars are manufactured and delivered, and it has even made its way into some of our kitchens. You probably also have an FDM printer sitting on your desk at home. Nevertheless, the fun and innovation do not stop there. I


n a general in-depth analysis of 2020 3D printing market trends, 3D Hubs breaks down the growing influence of the additive manufacturing industry. Annual additive manufacturing grows about 24% each year , with the 3D printing market expected to hit approximately $21 billion dollars globally . As mentioned in the report, the demand for additive manufacturing is growing at breakneck speeds driven by an expansive […]

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