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Print Your Own: The State of 3D Printing

Print Your Own: The State of 3D Printing

Written by Paul

January 5, 2021


What’s happening with industrial 3D printing? How are businesses using the technology?


And what’s the future look like for this technology that offered so much promise five years ago? 3D printing was set to revolutionise manufacturing and herald an era of personalised – print your own – objects and products. Additive manufacturing (AM) has been developing for the past decade yet, seems to have moved into niche product development and the home hobbyist market. Silicon UK asks what is the current state of AM, and are we on the cusp of major changes that could disrupt manufacturing as we know it today? Their report Sculpteo considers the latest trends in AM. Their key findings include, 80% of respondents have used 3D printing for more than two years (+7% vs 2019), and 31% even use it daily. In terms of investments, 33% of the respondents expect up to a 50% increase this year, more conservative than the previous year. The study shows that nearly 30% of users invested more than $100k in 3D printing this year, up 5% than in 2019. Also, 68% of respondents are eager to use additive manufacturing for more applications, and 44% will start using new […]

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