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Prusa Mini+ Review: A Small 3D Printer with Mighty Results


Our Verdict The Prusa Mini+ provides professional quality for 3D printing at home on a small scale while remaining suitable to newcomers with a robust online community.


+ User-friendly design + Easy to set up
+ Professional-grade, high-quality prints
+ Simple filament loading and unloading process
+ Removable, magnetic print bed sheets
+ Auto-leveling bed feature


The Prusa Mini+ 3D printer is a small FDM printer produced by Prusa. Like many Prusa products before it, this one is designed with makers in mind with a particular affinity to quality in both build and performance. Because this printer is smaller than previous models, users can expect a lower price compared to large-scale printers like the MK3.


This small form factor may also be more appealing to laboratory and classroom environments. Teachers and educators face a smaller bottom line and footprint with the Prusa Mini+ as opposed to full-sized 3D printers. For those new to Prusa, this company was created and is still owned by Josef Prusa. Prusa designs proprietary 3D printers, accessories and tools. This ecosystem of products tend to work well together from Prusa’s custom print slicing software to their very own line of filament known as Prusament. The […]

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