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Q&A: How 3D printing firms can protect their IP


Ian Bolland spoke to Thomas Prock from Marks & Clerk about the controversy surrounding IP rights stopping the unauthorised 3D printing of medical equipment, and the advice that can be provided to medtech firms during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Given the amount of manufacturers switching their production to medical equipment during this crisis, how easy is it for them to, perhaps unwittingly, infringe on the IP rights of another company?


Avoiding other company’s IP rights requires manufacturers to consider the IP landscape within which they operate carefully. If the required amount of care is taken then risks can readily be identified and dealt with. Courts will not accept lack of knowledge of the existence of an IP right as an excuse for infringing the right so this preparation is essential. The better an overview a company has over its competitors’ IP landscape the easier it gets to identify competitor’s IP […]

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