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Scalable and Sustainable 3D Printed Electronics


Neotech AMT GmbH has been pioneering 3D Printed Electronics (3D PE) since 2009 and continues to push the boundaries in this emerging field.


Two fundamental processing chains have been developed that cover scalable manufacture from one off prototypes through to high volume production.


Initial development focused on printing electronics onto 3D substrates produced by traditional manufacturing methods, for example injection moulding. This allows the 3DPE to be scaled using the patented 45X systems to meet volume requirements for example in mobile communications.


A second route, combining 3D PE with classical 3D Printing of the mechanical structures in thermoplastics and ceramics is now under development. This “Fully Additive” process manufactures of complex mechatronic devices for prototyping and low volume manufacturing. Planned developments will scale the throughput to meet higher volume manufacturing: combining novel designs and improved economics with Additive Manufacturing agility. 3D PE also has the potential to improve the […]

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