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Shop 3D-prints diverse range of devices


If you like stories about 3D-printing parts from polyimide-based materials—and who doesn’t?—then you’ll probably enjoy reading case studies posted to the CRP Technology website. Many of the parts and devices the Italian 3D printing company builds are interesting and illustrate additive manufacturing’s versatility.


A recent job was 3D-printing deployers for Alba Orbital ’s PocketQube miniature satellites, which measure 5 centimeters cubed and weigh less than 250 grams. Other examples of CRP Tech’s work range from column capitals to custom face masks to motorcycle brake arms to futuristic tennis rackets to drones. The latest case study is about prototyping a driver airbag (DAB) housing. CRP Tech used a selective laser sintering (SLS) printer to build housing from its Windform SP carbon-reinforced composite. The customer, Joyson Safety Systems , […]

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