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Simply production: EOS M 290 – The benchmark for industrial 3D printing


Progressive Technologies additive manufacturing facility: split into material specific, temperature controlled rooms. The Ti6Al4V room contains 2 EOS Systems. Over the past 19 years since the introduction of its metal technology, EOS has been building up a champion in powder-based, industrial 3D printing that combines the pioneering spirit of the early years with its meanwhile longstanding AM expertise. I


n 2001, with the launch of the EOSINT M 250, EOS introduced its DMLS metal technology which soon became a seal of quality. EOS has built upon this foundation to create the fourth-generation system – the EOS M 290 – that is the benchmark for reliability, repeatability, and quality in the AM metals market. EOS M 290: BORINGLY RELIABLE The EOS M 290 system has been used in serial production for over six years. An EOS customer recently called the EOS M 290 system ‘boringly reliable’. Others rate it as one […]

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