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Slant 3D CEO on building the world’s biggest 3D printer farm

Slant 3D CEO on building the world's biggest 3D printer farm

Written by David

February 19, 2020


“Designers and engineers, when we think about [3D printing] technology, we consider it and describe it using these three words: slow, crappy, and expensive.”


That might not sound like the opinion of a guy running a high-volume 3D printing factory but then Gabe Bentz, founder and CEO of Slant 3D, never intended for that to happen. In fact, his 3D printing venture, which operates as a 24/7 production facility in Nampa, Idaho, was a bit of a happy accident, as he recently recalled to TCT.


The above statement comes from Bentz’ TED Talk in Boise back in 2018 where the roboticist and entrepreneur described how a small robotic arm project he began one quiet weekend at home led to a full-blown product and crowdfunding campaign. The bad news? It was successfully funded. The worse news? It was 3D printed. “We didn’t anticipate [it] would be as popular as […]

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