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Stratasys: 3D Printers Set To Soar After The Virus

Stratasys: 3D Printers Set To Soar After The Virus

Written by David

April 7, 2020


3D printing stocks have flown under the radar the last few years as widespread use of the technology didn’t explode as expected. But the long-term narrative is still intact.
Recent positive press about 3D printed PPE to help fight COVID-19 could reinvigorate interest in 3D printing stocks.
COVID-19 also exposed deep weakness in our supply chain. That could accelerate the adoption of more nimble 3D printing solutions on factory floors.
I like Stratasys at this depressed price, because it’s a pure-play 3D printing company with a diversified product line from desktop to high-end manufacturing.


Remember when 3D printing stocks got people all lathered up? Remember the heyday back in 2014? Good times. I, myself, remember drooling over Stratasys ( SSYS ) while it was trading at a nosebleed $125 thinking, “Oh man, why couldn’t I have gotten it in the teens.” Then I forgot about them like everyone […]

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