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Stratasys Is Steadying The Ship

Written by David

January 29, 2020


While 3D printing has not seen major growth in the consumer segment, it has seen impressive growth in the manufacturing segment.


Stratasys has suffered stagnation after years of double-digit growth. Stratasys is making solid gains in the higher-end additive manufacturing market. As larger tech companies enter the 3D printing space, it will likely be harder for pure plays to compete.


The furor surrounding 3D printing and additive manufacturing has died down significantly over the past few years. Many industry experts and analysts had expected 3D printers to become ubiquitous in both the industrial and consumer segments. This vision of 3D printing has clearly not played out as many had hoped. In fact, the industry is even starting to experience some stagnation. The sky-high valuations of pure play 3D printing companies in 2014 encapsulate the irrational optimism surrounding the industry at the time. Stratasys ( SSYS ) is one […]

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