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Terran R: A Fully Reusable, 3D Printed Rocket


Californian aerospace company Relativity Space has unveiled plans to develop a fully reusable, entirely 3D printed launch vehicle called Terran R . Utilizing software-defined manufacturing that fuses 3D printing, AI and autonomous robotics, Relativity’s two-stage, 216-foot-tall rocket will be entirely reusable and capable of launching 20,000kg to low Earth orbit (LEO). It possesses a 16-foot diameter and comes with a 5-meter payload fairing.


Relativity has already secured nine launch contracts from both private and government customers. These include a newly announced U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contract, facilitated by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), a Venture Class Launch Services Demonstration 2 contract with NASA, as well as an on-demand satellite launch contract with Iridium. According to Relativity, its Terran R will be outfitted with seven 3D printed Aeon R rocket engines capable of 302,000 lb. thrust each, while its upper stage houses one Aeon Vac engine. Starting in 2024, Terran R will launch from Launch Complex 16, the company’s site at Cape Canaveral, where Terran 1 is also set to launch this year. Relativity is hoping its latest invention will help it gain a strong foothold in humanity’s multiplanetary future. It plans to eventually offer customers a point-to-point space […]

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