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The Future of 3D Printing Ceramics in Space


New market leader in mission-critical space systems, Redwire, has accomplished a world-first in successfully creating a set of ceramic components in space via 3D printing. In December 2020, a Ceramic Manufacturing Model (CMM) accomplished this feat, representing a significant milestone for ceramic production in space.


Redwire was established in June 2020 when private equity firm AE Industrial Partners combined two companies it had newly acquired, Adcole Space and Deep Space Systems (DSS). RedWire is uniquely positioned to develop cutting-edge solutions to solve today’s biggest challenges facing space missions. Redwire has emerged as a leader in mission-critical space solutions and is a trusted manufacturer of components used in next-generation space systems. The company provides end-to-end solutions, helping to further the future of space missions. In its latest development, Redwire has announced its success of its CMM at 3D printing ceramics in space via the manufacture of a single-piece ceramic turbine bladed disk (blisk) alongside a set of general material test coupons. The pre-ceramic resin components are a testament to Redwire’s SLA 3D printing technology, demonstrating its efficacy at conducting fully autonomous 3D printing onboard the ISS. The accomplishment […]

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