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The World’s First Thermoplastic Rubber 3D Printer by Atomstack


For some time, the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing sector has been attempting to develop a dependable means for printing rubber-like filaments into desired shapes. The effort to establish a method has been hard for several reasons, mainly because very elastic filament materials are susceptible to jamming an extruder.


Engineers at the Chinese company Atomstack have created an entirely new system deposition system – the first thermoplastic rubber 3D printer.


To fix this and other issues, The key to Atomstack’s Cambrian thermoplastic rubber filament 3D printer is a 2.85 mm direct drive extruder that avoids jamming – the main sticking point in thermoplastic rubber development. With an effective system in place, Atomstack engineers then created unique thermoplastic rubber filament with a substantial elasticity and durability that was effective for correctly and dependably printing almost any end-use rubber-like product. TPR has both rubber and plastic qualities, which makes it very useful for printing bouncy and flexible items. The new thermoplastic rubber technology has a streamlined aluminum alloy structure that keeps control cables out of the way and supplies the rigidity required for precise printing. The Cambrian also has a glass […]

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