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These 3D Printed Tasty Treats Are Made Of Food Waste

These 3D Printed Tasty Treats Are Made Of Food Waste

Written by David

November 5, 2019


Tons of food ends up in garbage cans and eventually landfills each year as waste.


Popular restaurants often close their doors to patrons and quickly toss uneaten food items.

Grocery stores get rid of bruised and unattractive products in favor of fresher options that are appealing to consumers.

Schools, hotels, and other places that produce food in large quantities also dump a lot of leftovers from breakfast and lunch.

And everyday people like us throw away the final bits of our meals without thinking twice.


It’s honestly sad considering that millions of people around the world are hungry and unable to access the food their body requires each day. But, Dutch designer Elzelinde van Doleweerd and her business partner Vita Broeken hope to tackle this issue with their company Upprinting Food , which produces 3-D printed snacks made from food waste. How does it work? According to Upprinting Food’s […]

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