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This 3d Printer Can Theoretically Print Infinitely Tall Models


Creality has teamed up with Naomi Wu (aka SexyCyborg) to create the 3DPrintMill CR-30. By using a heated belt rather than a traditional build-plate, users can theoretically print infinitely in the Z-axis. The new printer, which is currently part of an ongoing campaign on Kickstarter, can also batch print models for up to 200 hours unattended.


A New Kind of 3d Printer The CR-30 uses a 45-degree angled print head, meaning models are printed front-to-back as the heated belt moves. Once a print is finished it moves down the belt into a cooling area before popping off at the end or moving onto a set of metal rollers for support. While the concept of infinitely long 3D prints is compelling, the ability to print multiple models in batches is likely going to be this printer’s main use case. Designed with small scale eBay and Etsy creators in mind, the […]

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