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Training the Next Generation of Engineers for Additive Manufacturing


Additive manufacturing (AM) is rapidly gaining viability in mass production, which means that it’s even more important for students entering the workforce to understand how to use and design for this technology.


At the same time, emerging AM tools that make mass production possible are so new that it can be difficult to get the hands-on experience necessary to be the ideal workplace candidate. Fortunately, there are schools and programs that provide training for even the newest AM systems.


Ogden-Weber Technical College, for instance, uses a unique method to prepare its students for learning how to design for one of the latest AM platforms gaining widespread adoption in mass production— HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Technology —so that they can immediately start using those skills upon completion of the program. In this article, we explore the opportunities for engineering education to prepare students to work with MJF and AM […]

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