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Using 3D Metal Printing to Fight Tradition

Using 3D Metal Printing to Fight Tradition

Written by David

July 22, 2020


Chris Billings, co-founder and president of Duncan Machine Products, LLC (DMP), recently shared the “Grandma’s Ham” story to illustrate the paradigm he instils in his precision machine shop.


The short version of the parable is that a woman cuts off the ends of her ham before placing it in the oven. When asked why she removed the ends, she responds that she is doing it the way that her mother did. Curious as to the benefit, the woman asks her mother, “Why?” The mother states that she just did it the way she saw her mother do it. When mother and daughter query grandma, her response is that she had to do it that way because her roasting pan was not big enough for a whole ham.


The moral is that unquestioned traditions, or beliefs, will lead us to live and act traditionally, forgoing the […]

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