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3D printed tools by Ding Tool unlock faster automotive dent repair


3D printing has found yet another application in the automotive sector. Ding Tool LLC, a company specializing in paintless dent repair tools, is launching a series of 3D printed dent repair tools at the SEMA show this week in Las Vegas.


The patent-pending tools were 3D printed using technology and materials from B9Creations , a South Dakota additive manufacturing solutions company.


Traditionally, paintless dent repair techniques for cars have relied on tools that use a single point of contact with the dent. While effective in some cases, this approach has been somewhat limited and can be lengthy. The new 3D printed tools developed by Ding Tool and B9Creations offer a more comprehensive approach, delivering 9 points of contact with the dent per tool. The 3D printed tools also enable car repair specialists to modify the amount of spring-loaded force delivered to repair dents. Importantly, the 3D printed paintless dent […]

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