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Volkswagen produces 10,000 3D printed ID.3 models using HP Metal Jet technology


The partnership between HP and Volkswagen, two of the largest companies in the world in their respective fields of expertise, was formed last year with the goal of producing large batches of metal 3D printed automotive parts.


One year later the first key milestone has been achieved with a production run of more than 10,000 parts – a set of 3D printed ID.3 models – produced by HP and GKN Powder Metallurgy in just a few weeks, to support the visionary ID.3 electric vehicle launch event.


While the batch size is impressive, these are not final parts but rather miniature models of the vehicle,measuring about an inch in length which, incidentally, is the size that the Volkswagen team in charge fo 3D printing has identified as the most viable at this time. The key element to consider here is that it was cost-effective to 3D print them rather […]

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