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BCN3D launches Stratos 3D printing slicing software

BCN3D launches Stratos 3D printing slicing software

Written by David

July 15, 2021


BCN3D has announced the launch of a new 3D printing slicing software for its desktop Fused Filament Fabrication platforms. The company has been working to enhance its software offering since the start of the pandemic, aiming to develop a product that is ‘equal in quality’ to that of its hardware. The result is the Stratos platform, which is said to increase the ease of use of BCN3D 3D printing technology and expand on the functionalities the company was offering.


With a new interface, new slicing features and ‘seamless’ communication between Stratos and the Epsilon and Sigma D25 product family, BCN3D says it is now enabling users around the world to ‘make the most of their operations’ by bundling Stratos with all Epsilon and Sigma 3D printers. Stratos is said to provide robust and reliable features that enable the creation of highly detailed and clean models, enabling users to print parts with increased speed and efficiency. “The goal of our software development was to advance it to the same level as our high-performance hardware,” commented Xavier Martínez Faneca, BCN3D CEO. “BCN3D Stratos simplifies the printing process immensely, without compromising the quality and precision of prints. We are proud to continuously […]

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