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Best 3D Printer deals for July 2021


3D Printing has a lot of really interesting uses. Whether you just want to print some cool figures for the hobby you happen to be into, you want one for work where you can use it for parts, or you are an educator and want one for the classroom, the initial investment always seems to the most daunting part of it all. These machines are not exactly cheap, even the entry-level ones will set you back a couple hundred bucks usually.


The best 3D printers can cost thousands. Luckily, though, as the 3D printing market has expanded and new generations have come out, we have also seen a lot more discounts out there. Here is where we’re going to round up the best deals. Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer | $70 off This 3D Printer has a huge 300mm x 300mm build plate, which is large enough for full-size cosplay props like helmet or armor. While it might not have all the latest modern features of a 3D printer, it still produces quality prints and comes at a great price. Since you need to keep buying more filament for more projects, 3D printing is a hobby that never really […]

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