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How to Transition from Offshore to Local Outsourced Manufacturing


In our previous blog , we discussed how recent economic and geopolitical changes have impacted the global supply chain. Factors like narrowing labor costs, overseas supply chain disruptions, and intellectual property concerns are prompting manufacturers to transition from offshore to local manufacturing. If you’ve decided to reshore your manufacturing operations, you might be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you can ensure a smooth transition. As long-time proponents of localized manufacturing , Alchemy Industrial can help guide you through this process with practical steps for bringing your supply chain back home. Transitioning from Offshore to Local Outsourced Manufacturing 1. Understand the current state of your supply chain. Before making any changes to your supply chain, it’s important to understand what it looks like in its current state so you can account for every element. Create a map of suppliers for your parts, components, materials, and anything else you source overseas. Your supply chain map should include any outsourced manufacturing your suppliers rely on, too. A partner factory located in Vietnam, for example, might be sourcing hard-to-find raw materials from India or Korea. 2. Evaluate the costs and risks of the current state of your supply chain. Identify and evaluate the […]

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