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Serena Fanara: when 3D printing is at the service of creativity


When some hear about 3D printing, they think of a cutting-edge production technique that has little to do with art and creativity, but that is not at all the case.


To illustrate this side of the technology, we recently spoke with Serena Fanara, an architect and designer with a strong and versatile portfolio.


She designs and produces many product lines, including furnishing accessories, jewelry and gadgets, as well as lighting systems and arrangements for events.


At the core of all her work is the mission of environmental sustainability. To exemplify this ethos, she launched the SeFa Design by Nature brand in 2015. Based in Italy, Fanara was an early believer in the potential of 3D printing. The technology, when combined with her professionalism and talent, has enabled her to produce her designs with more freedom and in faster timeframes than using more traditional methods. The Desert Light line, one […]

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