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Spie batignolles tests Xtreee’s 3D printing platform for prefabricated elements


Spie batignolles is experimenting with 3D printing of concrete materials for construction sites to produce prefabricated elements with high applicability.


In collaboration with XtreeE , a start-up specializing in 3D printing for construction, Spie batignolles carried out its first experiments in additive manufacturing in concrete. “We are convinced of the interest of the 3D printing technique for developing small concrete elements, the traditional production of which is generally time-consuming. These techniques will improve the working conditions of our employees on the site, our productivity and ultimately our performance, ” explained Frédéric Gaurat, Technical Director at Spie batignolles. The company is aware that 3D printing is emerging in the building sector, however it is mainly confined at this stage to the construction of small detached houses or the printing of non-structural decorative elements. These applications are not yet seen as capable of driving real organizational changes in the construction industry, […]

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